Key Words

UI/UX Design

Interaction Design

Web Development

Creative Coding


Adobe XD | Illustrator

WebRTC | WebSocket



My Role

Designer and Developer


ITP Winter Show | 2018

Tubeman is Happy!

Tubeman is happy! is an interactive web application. The users can use it to create, download and share gifs of themselves moving like a tubeman. By encouraging the users to imitate the tubeman and enabling them to create and share gifs of themselves moving, Tubeman is happy! is trying to make people feel happy while allowing them to share that happiness with others.



When entering the web application, the users will see an image of the tubeman. They will also see themselves in a camera feed.



Following the instruction, they will then imitate the movements of tubeman (as shown in the picture), pose and take 18 pictures.



Users can add a word to describe their moods at the moment.



At the end of this experience, a gif will be generated.



The users can access to the gif by entering emails of themselves and then be able to share that “stupidity” and happiness with othe


I developed this project on my MacBook and showed it during the ITP winter show in a larger scale as a “gif booth” installation. Hundreds of people have visited my project, moved, laughed and had fun.

Here is a glimpse of the HAPPINESS